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Peaceful Pastures Internships

Are you ready for a REAL internship with REAL Life experiences,

REAL responsibilities and REAL learning???

Are you willing to step it up to the next level and beyond?

Do you want to experience an internship that is MORE than job shadowing,

MORE than cleaning kennels or stalls and MORE than you ever imagined?

If so, an internship with Peaceful Pastures may be the opportunity you are seeking!

Peaceful Pastures has offered quality internships for over 20 years:

Large Animal: tailored to pre-vet, AHT and animal science students


Housing is provided, at least one meal per workday and a weekly stipend.

You may also bring a horse with you (pasture board) at no charge.

Please click on the link below for detailed internship description:

Large Animal Internship 

Please read: Before You Apply

Intern Housing

Are you ready to apply?


Large Animal Internship APPLICATION 

We are taking applications NOW for Spring/Summer 2023 internships.  

Educational Benefits: College credit is available to those who desire such and meet the qualifications, but the job is open to all - not only "for credit" interns.