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Final Deliveries February 29th and March 1st

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Delivery Dates and Deadlines

FINAL DEADLINE for ALL Retail (and add-on's to existing orders) February 10th

Hello everyone,

This isn’t what I thought I’d have occasion to write, but there are changes happening due to Darrin’s untimely death. I’m sorry to tell you that there will be one more Georgia delivery and no more Florida deliveries. Please know this was not an easy decision for Miss Tina and me but we must downsize and streamline. While I have long been the voice and salesperson for Peaceful Pastures, Darrin was literally the brains and the brawn. It is simply * too much * to continue with the road trip deliveries.

While I type this I’m choked up and my eyes are streaming again. I’d hoped to make one more Florida trip to hug everyone and tell you goodbye and THANK YOU for all of the support over the years.

From the first impromptu trip December 2004 in pick up with marine coolers to countless Big Yeller Penske Truck trips to the will-it-or-won’t-it run Mercedes van to Russ, the big rumbling box truck, to the current refrigerated box van, Myrtle, you have been our customers, our fans and our joy. It has been a privilege to watch your kids grow up over the years and to be honored as your family’s farm.

The final delivery will be:

GA Welcome Center, Marietta, Calhoun - February 29th

Norcross and Macon March 1st

As with all deliveries we encourage you to order early to ensure the items you have ordered are in stock; remember, we fill orders in the sequence they were received, so those who order first have the greatest likelihood of their orders being filed in their entirety.


How do I place an order?

Please create an account and select a location near you for pickup. Then add the items you want to your cart and checkout! You can add items and edit your order anytime up until the order deadline. Be sure to mark your calendar with the pickup date and time and don't be late!

What is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is a flat $20.

How and when do I pay?

You will be prompted to enter a credit card at checkout when placing your order. Other than bulk deposits, nothing is charged to your card until we actually compile the order. Your order will be packed and your card charged between the order deadline date and your pickup date. You will receive an email once your order is packed with the final amount that was charged to the card.

Order changes/cancellation policy?

We are happy to make additions to your order right up until the ordering deadline. When you place orders from us, we pack for the delivery as soon as they come in. PLEASE check your freezer space before placing an order. 

Is the meat fresh or frozen?

All of the meat will be delivered to you frozen, in 25-30 pound, clear plastic bags. Our meats are packed to assure their integrity. 

Do I need to bring my own coolers?

Yes. Please have your coolers cold BEFORE you put the meat in them. Please put loose ice into the cooler as you leave home. When you arrive at the stop, empty the ice and put your cold meat into a cold cooler. The meat will be kept frozen; even if you have the air conditioning on in your car, your cooler may only be 70 degrees and this won't do the frozen meat any favors. If you live only an hour or so from the stop, you may want to just put the meat in sleeping bags and bundle it up! 

How does the pick up work?

1. You will receive an email 7-10 days prior to the delivery giving the time at which to meet us and confirming the meeting point. YOU MUST reply to this email. Your order will not be loaded onto the truck unless we have a confirmation from you. We will get your cell phone numbers at that time as well as provide you with ours. It is critical that you are there by that delivery time, waiting on us.

2. We try to have our drop offs go as quickly as possible. This is why it is SO important for you to be there early. If even one person is late, it slows down the process for the rest of the people the rest of the day and is so unfair.

3. Please Be on time! We need to get the meat unloaded and the truck sealed back up ASAP. We will start unloading as soon as we arrive at the drop off locations. We will not wait for everyone to get there first, so if you aren't there when the truck door opens, your meat will set out until you do arrive.

4. Once there, you will receive a sheet of paper with your name on it, telling how many bags you are to receive and the bag numbers. You are responsible for checking the name tags on each bag to make sure it is your bag and keeping track of the numbers. Once you have received all of your bags, sign the bottom of the sheet and give it back to us and you are ready to leave! 

Where are the delivery stops?

Please make sure you know where the stop is prior to the trip and be there waiting when we get there!! IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHERE YOUR STOP IS, PLEASE CALL US PRIOR TO THE DELIVERY DATE! Late customers affect everyone by slowing down every subsequent delivery. Be sure that we have your current cell phone numbers, and we will call if there are any substantial delays on our end. Orders that are not picked up on time will be forfeited and are non-refundable.

All locations are on Interstate 75 SOUTH bound. Please see our Locations Map & Schedule to find a location near you.


1. GA Welcome Center: At the welcome center just over the GA border

2. Calhoun: north of Atlanta* (specific directions below)

3. Atlanta/Norcross: (address below)

4. Marietta: *Quik Trip 825 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta

5. Macon: *Possible Location: Exit 149 off I75 in Byron, GA Hwy 49 (exact location to be determined)

*CALHOUN Rest Area from Atlanta: take I-75 North get off on exit 320 - Turn around and get back on Interstate 75 Southbound. The rest area is between mile markers 320 and 319 (rest areas do not have exit numbers)

**Atlanta/Norcross(Improveat)- Use Mapquest or Google to find it. 6400 ATLANTIC BLVD NW, PEACHTREE CORNER. (MAKE SURE you put in the “NW” if using GPS!) If you have met us previously at the Improveat location, it is only 1 building down on the same side of the road. Just cross the railroad tracks and look for me. Park in the spaces closest to the road, NOT in front of the buildings. 

More Road Trip FAQ

Will you stop anywhere other than what is listed above?

We're sorry, but no.

Do you bring extra meat on the GA deliveries?

We do not carry any extra product, only what has been ordered.

Why do I have to order so early for road trips?

There are many different factors that we must consider several weeks before each trip. Keep in mind that we are compiling thousands of pounds of products for these trips. To provide you with the freshest products, we must know far enough in advance to have the appropriate number of animals processed. Remember all of our beef is aged at least 21 days for the best flavor so the animals are taken weeks in advance of the trip. It also takes quite a long time to process, compile and weigh each order prior to the trip.

Can I pay by cash or check when I pick up?

No, all orders must be paid prior to our departure from the farm.